A few facts about Women in Science & Technology

The science and technology sector is vital in our knowledge economy, producing a revenue of more than 963.5 billion euros in Europe. That's why it is essential that the sector continues to attract new talent to grow and develop.

Women, who represent 60% of university graduates, are a reservoir of talent for science, technology and innovation. However, in Belgium only 33% of them chose these subjects at higher education, compared to 67% of men.

The activity rate of women continues to grow while that of men starts to stagnate, so if women were to choose these subjects making careers in these fields, the results in terms of economic growth would be enough to sustain our standard of living.

Why are we suddenly so interested in an issue that has existed for years?
- Because of fresh concerns about replacement rates in the sciences following the mass exodus to retirement
- For some years young people have shunned the sciences. In 1995 in Europe, 40% of secondary school students went on to study sciences at university, compared to only 26% in 2004
- To be more competitive, Europe set an objective to increase its scientific and technological potential by 700 000 people by 2015
- The West is not making the most of the pool of talented women despite the fact that women represent more than 60% of university graduates! Many women tend to veer towards human sciences or towards scientific subjects that are directly linked to humans or nature such as medicine or biology (both 70% of women).

It's worth mentioning a few other figures to fully appreciate the low level of female involvement in Science and Technology. In Belgium, only 5% of students who chose to study civil engineering in computer science in the first year are women and 6% in computer sciences. Figures from the industrial or technical higher education are similarly alarming. Whether it's in the long or short cycle, more than 90% of students in technology are male.

More than 35% of women in computer science do not want to make a career in this field, which radically reduces the number of women in technology available to work in companies.

In Belgium in 2005, the number of female researchers in public research, 47 600, was higher than in private research at 22 839 researchers (less than 50%).

Of those researchers currently working in universities or large research organisations in the European Union, 33% are women. Women represent 17% of researchers in mathematics, 18% in physics, 19% in engineering sciences and 31% in chemistry .

The situation of women in research, public or private, is positively evolving and it is important that education continues to reinforce this message. In just a few years the number of female researchers in private and public research has doubled. The presence of women in S&T careers is increasing proportionately more rapidly than that of men, but still it's too slow to ensure adequate diversity within teams or to respond to the needs of those companies looking to recruit women trained in science and technology.

In organising this seminar as part of International Women's Day on 8 March, which is dedicated to Women in S&T in 2011, and taking advantage of JUMP's new status as "National Point of Contact for Women in Technology", we would like to set up a platform bringing together all actors to create a road map to coordinate further actions.

Europe desperately needs more scientists to achieve its objective of becoming a more competitive knowledge economy in the world (Objective of the Lisbon Treaty 2010). So, how can we continue to ignore half of the talent?

Women-Friendly Companies

Management & leadership

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Woman's Health Academy

La Woman’s Health Academy est une initiative conjointe de la Woman’s Academy et de la Women’s Clinic (Groupe Chirec).

16/03 Comment augmenter votre bien-être dans un environnement stressant

Presque à chaque seconde, un choix crucial s'offre à nous : celui d'être esclave de nos émotions, nos hormones et nos pulsions ou celui d'utiliser notre conscience.

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Notions de la morphologie périnéale et abdominale – pratiquer les exercices pour le périnée – exercices hypopressifs pour l'abdomen.

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Call for Applications
The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2011

Applications for the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2011 edition are now open until March 15, 2011. Learn about this competition for women entrepreneurs through the experience of Wendy McMillan, the 2010 Europe laureate.

Brussels, 28/02-01/03: Clara Zetkin could do it. So can we!

For the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day Clara Zetkin could do it. So can we! Seminar.

London, 05/03: Together we can end male violence against women

« We are at a threshold. We are going to see change. If we can create the vision in our heart, it will spread. As women of wisdom we cannot be divided. As bringers of light, we have no choice but to join together. »

Bruxelles, 08/03: Join Women on the Bridge

Les membres belges du LEF vous invitent chaleureusement le 8 mars lors de la 100ème Journée Internationale des Femmes, à les rejoindre

Strasbourg, 08/03: Women in Leadership celebrating 100 years of International Women's Day

On 8 March 2011, the European Parliament celebrates the 100th anniversary of the International Women's Day.

Budapest, 06-08/03: Women in Science, Innovation and Technology in the Digital Age?

Commissioner Neelie Kroes is expected to host the event, which marks also the centenary of International Women's Day.

Sweden, 08/03: The 6th European Conference on Gender and ICT

The 6th European Conference on Gender and ICT Feminist Interventions in Theories and Practices.

Brussels, 08/03: CAMPUSTALKS 100th Women's Day

A vibrant networking event during which the stage will be exclusively reserved for women researchers and scientists of VUB, EhB and ULB.


The Female Board Pool is a platform for the contact between experienced and future female board members and corporations and organisations.

Bruxelles, 14/03: Business Lunch La place des femmes dans les métiers scientifiques

Business lunch placé sous le signe de l'échange, des rencontres des découvertes et de la place des femmes dans les métiers scientifiques.

Brussels, 05 May: JUMP Forum 2011

For the landmark 5th edition of the JUMP Forum we have a programme packed with visionary speakers as well as educative and inspiring workshops.


JUMP: Empowering Women, Advancing the Economy!

JUMP offers women practical tools to help them realise their professional and personal aspirations, and supports companies and organisations that wish to promote better gender diversity within their management.

A multilingual web portal and a bi-weekly e-newsletter

women practical workshops to develop and improve assets and professional knowledge as well as advice to improve and preserve mental, physical and financial capital

The annual European event in Brussels dedicated to the professional lives of women and their career planning

The AXA Wo_Men@Work Award honours a business leader who has been a fervent supporter of male/female equality

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Newsletter 24 FEBRUARY 2011

Why women aren't becoming engineers



Représentation des femmes dans les sociétés cotées

Carte blanche de Thomas Leysen

La diversité au sein des conseils d'administration des sociétés cotées est nécessaire ; la mixité des genres en constitue un des facteurs importants. En 2010, un constat s'impose : en Belgique, seules 7% de femmes sont administratrices de sociétés cotées. Compte tenu de ce contexte socio-économique, comment accroître la représentativité des femmes ? Faut-il une loi imposant des quotas ou adopter une approche par le biais d'une recommandation ? Lire la suite

Reactie van Marc Timmerman, Partner Axiom Consulting Partners

Voor een evenwichtige en realistische aanpak, voor een snelle en geleidelijke verbetering, voor een "pas toe of leg uit" benadering … wie zei dat een intelligente gebalanceerde compromis regeling niet meer kon in België ? In alle ernst, een snelle en correcte introductie van 'gender balance' in beleidsmatige en leidinggevende functies in Belgische ondernemingen is even noodzakelijk en verstandig als een uitgekiend en snel beleid dat ondernemerszin en creativiteit stimuleert in ons land. Lees meer

Réaction de Monique Chalude, Sociologue et experte en egalite professionnelle

Si l'on en est arrivé aux quotas, c'est bien parce que ni l'autorégulation ( »les choses se feront naturellement »), ni les politiques d'égalité encourageant les démarches « volontaristes » des entreprises n'ont réussi à faire progresser le pourcentage de femmes dans les conseils d'administration et les comités de direction. En tout cas, le passage par la loi montre son efficacité puisqu'en l'espace de 6 ans la Norvège a atteint plus de 40% de femmes au sein des CA et en France leur pourcentage a doublé en un an et demi , depuis qu'on sait qu'il va y avoir une loi ! Lire la suite


Egalité hommes-femmes, d'un rapport l'autre

Brigitte Grésy

Après son rapport remarqué sur l'égalité professionnelle, remis en juillet 2009, Brigitte Grésy devra rendre en juin prochain un rapport sur « la participation des hommes aux responsabilités parentales ». Le tout destiné à alimenter la concertation avec les partenaires sociaux sur l'égalité hommes-femmes, qui se tiendra précisément en juin. Brigitte Grésy revient, pour LES NOUVELLES news, sur l'actualité de ces sujets. Les prochaines semaines vont être chargées pour Brigitte Grésy. L'Inspectrice générale des affaires sociales, auteure en juillet 2009 d'un rapport sur l'égalité professionnelle, vient de se voir confier par le ministère des Solidarités et de la Cohésion sociale une mission sur « la participation des hommes aux responsabilités parentales ».

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Advance your carreer

Time to Toot Your Own Horn: Gaining Visibility and Advancing Your Career

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How do you promote yourself? Many women may feel uncomfortable speaking about their accomplishments and don't take advantage of simple procedures that can help advance their careers. But it's something that can be critical to your career development. This week, The Glass Hammer talked to an array of experts to understand why women might need to improve their self-promotion skills, how to be better at it and what it takes to gain visibility in the workplace.

Creating Win-Win-Win Dynamics Through Influencing

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Influence is the capacity or power to be a compelling force on the actions, behavior, and opinions of others, meaning that influence is what you use to get what you must have. You accomplish this by taking charge of your messaging, knowing your audience, and managing people well. Nearly every day, you are engaged in some form of influencing or negotiating in which you are the influencer or the influencee.

Build your own business


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Hoe onderscheid je jezelf? Vakkennis en en competenties zijn slechts randvoorwaarden. Door jezelf als merk te profileren sleep je sneller een opdracht binnen. Volg deze tien stappen om van jezelf een A-merk te maken. Bij personal branding gaat het in essentie om het merkdenken. Begrijpen wat een merk eigenlijk is, wat de functie van een merk is en waarom een merk belangrijk is.

Companies and Gender

Interview de Catherine Vidal, neurobiologiste et Directrice de Recherche à l'Institut Pasteur

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Catherine Vidal, neurobiologiste, directrice de recherche à l'Institut Pasteur, a publié Hommes, femmes, avons-nous le même cerveau ? (Le Pommier, 2007) et Cerveau, sexe et pouvoir, avec D. Benoît-Browaeys (Belin, 2005).

L'Oréal-UNESCO's For Women in Science

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Over 12 years ago, L'Oréal and UNESCO founded the For Women In Science Programme to promote and highlight the critical importance of ensuring greater participation of women in science. Each year, the programme recognises the achievements of exceptional female scientists across the globe and awards them with fellowships to help further their research.

Women and ICT through the lifecycle

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Although many researches from the past few years looked at the reasons behind the leaky pipeline of women in ICT, the reality is that women are still a diminishing minority in ICT professions. Given the fact that women are confronted with different challenges and opportunities at different life stages, the main lines of research looked at emerging forms of social exclusion associated with gender in the ICT sector and the solutions to deal with it.

Lack of female role models 'discouraging girls from IT'

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A lack of female role models could be discouraging girls from choosing a career in IT. This is the view of Silka Patel, executive assistant at Cisco, who told Computer Weekly that currently there is a perception that people must be a computer programming geek to enter the career path.

Gender en Technologie

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Hoe komt het dat in sommige landen de belangstelling van vrouwen voor ingenieursstudies veel hoger ligt dan in Vlaanderen het geval is? Waarom stromen jongens en meisjes met vergelijkbare studieresultaten niet in gelijke mate door naar hogere niveaus in de onderzoekswereld?

No women on research centre boards

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Five of the 14 Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) in Norway do not have women on their boards. The midterm evaluation of the 14 Centres for Research-based Innovation (SFI) shows that 11 of the 14 SFI centres have gender-equality challenges. Five of the 14 centres do not have women on their boards.

Tu seras ingénieure ma fille !

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Parce que les filles boudent les filières scientifiques et techniques, parce que les stéréotypes ont la vie dure, les associations Pasc@line et Elles bougent lancent une campagne nationale de sensibilisation en France. Pourquoi lorsque les filles se jugent très bonnes en mathématiques, seules 6 sur 10 choisissent de préparer un bac S, alors que dans le même cas, 8 garçons sur 10 optent pour cette même filière ?

Des carrières plus difficiles pour les femmes dans l'informatique ?

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Crise de confiance ou frilosité des employeurs ? Les femmes se détournent de plus en plus des postes d'ingénieurs, notamment dans le Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (Stic). Si on est encore loin de l'hémorragie, il n'empêche que les femmes représentent seulement 17% des ingénieurs. Pourtant pas moins diplômées, elles peinent encore à accéder à des postes clés dans le domaine des Sciences et Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication. Peu attractif pour la gent féminine, les Tic ?

Pourquoi n'y a-t-il pas plus de femmes ingénieures?

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Le métier d'ingénieur resterait-il une affaire d'hommes ? Pas partout. La Chine compte environ 40% d'ingénieures, et dans l'URSS des années 1980 les femmes représentaient 58% des effectifs. Mais dans les pays occidentaux et une bonne partie des économies émergentes, la féminisation de la profession reste très lente et elle semble aujourd'hui trouver une limite. Ce palier inquiète les autorités politiques. La Commission européenne pointe depuis dix ans les risques de pénuries d'ingénieurs, appelant les Etats-membres à puiser plus largement dans le vivier des talents féminins.

Why more women aren't becoming engineers

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Winnie Lai never really had any doubts about what she would study after high school. "I love to take things apart. I like science and math. I knew early on that I wanted to study engineering." A top physics student, Ms. Lai said that her high school physics teacher, who was also an engineer, nudged her dream along, providing support and encouragement. "I spent a lot of time talking with her and she prepared me, helped me understand what to expect at university."

Concours JUMP: gagnez des places pour le film MADE IN DAGENHAM (We Want Sex)

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Angleterre,1968. Rita (Sally Hawkins) est ouvrière à l'usine Ford de Dagenham. Avec ses collègues, elle coud les revêtements des sièges de voitures. Une ambiance décontractée règne dans l'atelier jusqu'au jour où les femmes se rendent compte que les hommes qui travaillent à la chaîne gagnent mieux leur vie, simplement parce qu'ils sont des hommes… Avec le soutien d'un délégué syndical (Bob Hoskins) et au grand étonnement et désespoir de la direction (masculine), elle se révèle être une négociatrice bien déterminé…
Voir la bande annonce.

JUMP offre 20x2 places aux lectrices et lecteurs de la newsletter. Vous avez jusqu'au mardi 1er mars minuit pour envoyer un mail avec vos coordonnées postales à

Inspiring Women

Saskia Van Uffelen est l'ICT Woman of the Year

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Saskia Van Uffelen, CEO de Bull Belux, a été élue 'ICT Woman of the Year' par Data News. Le jury a apprécié ses qualités de dirigeante et son engagement à inciter les jeunes à faire carrière dans le secteur ICT. Saskia Van Uffelen dirige Bull Belgique et Luxembourg, une entreprise occupant 300 personnes et réalisant un chiffre d'affaires de quelque 50 millions d'euros.

Wendy Rannenberg, Director of Technology, MicroLan Systems

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I took an introductory computer science class for business majors. I did well. I liked math. My dad, a senior executive for a large defense contractor had a chat with me. He pointed out that computers were the way of the future. This was in the late 70′s. He had, after all, bought me my first calculator in 1972! A referral from my professor to the UConn School of Engineering put me on track for my CS/EE degree.

Maggie Aderin-Pocock, founder of Science Innovation Ltd

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Maggie Aderin-Pocock was born in London in 1968. She suffered with dyslexia as a child and recalls 'I saw an astronaut on a beautiful book in my primary school library" when she told her teacher she wanted to be an astronaut, they suggested she try nursing instead, as 'that was science too'. But Maggie persisted with her dreams and now has a physics degree and a PHD in Mechanical Engineering.

Feel Good!

Gendered and structural nature
of sexual violence

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According to statistics on sexual violence released by the Rape Crisis Network Ireland: 85.2% of all victims are female; 95.7% of perpetrators are male. The majority (60.7%) of sexual violence victims are children. 30.4% experience sexual violence as adults only and a further 8.9% suffer violence as both children and adults.

Vrouwen die 5 tot 6,5 uur slapen, leven langer

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Slapen is een nationale frustratie aan het worden onder drukke, werkende vrouwen en mannen. Het gevoel van slaaptekort wordt in allerlei peilingen aangegeven als een grote bron van ongeluk. Onderzoekers aan de University of California hebben nu ontdekt dat de bejubelde acht uur slaap voor een korter leven zorgt. Vijf tot zes en half uur per nacht leidt tot een langer leven. Goed nieuws voor de notoire kortslapers onder onze CEO's.

4 March 2011 - Senate (Brussels): Free Seminar on Women in Science and Technology

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To mark the topic of this year International Women's Day 2011 dedicated to Women in Science and Technology, JUMP which has been chosen as the « National Point of Contact for Women in Technology » by the European Center for Women in Technology (ECWT) based in Oslo, and Senate Members, Marie Arena and Hassan Bousetta, invite you to the Senate on the 4 March 2011 at 13:30. This seminar aims to review the state of play of business actions until now and to draw up a list for future actions.

You can register for free by filling out the online form.
Programme and practical informations on

Progress in science and technology has a constant impact on our daily lives and is essential for our economic growth based on the knowledge society.

Women, who represent 60% of university graduates, are a reservoir of talent for science, technology and innovation. However, only 33% of them choose science or technology at higher education and very few make a career in this field. The majority of women in science are in the fields of medicine, biology or mathematics (to become teachers) and they often completely drop subjects such as computer science or civil and industrial engineering.

We must increase the attractiveness of science and technology subjects in order to increase the gender balance in this sector and bring innovation and economic growth.

Show Solidarity

MEP calls for EU Strategy on violence against women in Plenary sesssion

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Aujourd'hui, en Europe, une femme sur cinq est victime de violence conjugale. Aujourd'hui, en Europe, 40 à 50% de femmes ont vécu du harcèlement sexuel sur leur lieu de travail. Nous sommes au 21ème siècle et l'Europe n'a toujours pas pris de mesures législatives pour éradiquer les violences faites aux femmes. Le parlement européen l'a demandée à plusieurs reprises, le Conseil l'a exigée, la Commission l'a promise: mais où est la stratégie européenne de lutte contre les violences faites aux femmes?

Millennia2015 Action Plan for Women's Empowerment,

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We invite you to contribute to our foresight exercise in order to build Millennia2015 Action Plan for Women's Empowerment, International Conference organized by the Division for Gender Equality, Office of the Director-General of the UNESCO, and The Destree Institute at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, end 2011. Millennia2015, « Women actors of development for the global challenges » is an international foresight research process working with foresight as a method and the information society as context in solidarity.


Curieuses histoires des dames de la science

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Quand un philosophe décide de rendre hommage aux pionnières scientifiques, cela donne ces Curieuses histoires des dames de la science. Un ouvrage de vulgarisation publié aux éditions Jourdan par Jean C. Baudet. L'ouvrage présente l'histoire d'une trentaine de femmes qui ont toutes apporté une contribution capitale à la science ou à ses applications au quotidien.

FEMMES DE SCIENCE BELGES: Onze vies d'enthousiasme

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Afin de relever les défis de ce nouveau millénaire, l'Europe a un besoin crucial de scientifiques et de techniciens hautement qualifiés. Pourquoi alors ne pas chercher les compétences requises dans le réservoir humain gigantesque que les jeunes filles constituent, réservoir trop souvent négligé à ce jour?

E-Guide: Top Women, Top Careers

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Discover the Top Women e-guide, an online career guide for female candidates from around the world. Read in-depth information about the recruitment market, testimonials from your peers and very attractive recruiters.

Empowering Women,
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