No aid effectiveness without focusing first on gender equality

Firstly, I am delighted to announce that we had a great turn out for the debate that we organised together with AtSeven to celebrate the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day – over 250 people attended with many more joining us to dance the night away.

Following on from Women’s Day… I have decided to dedicate this week’s newsletter to women everywhere… and what better way to do it than with a special focus on the impact of Women in development.

According to UNIFEM Executive Director Inés Alberdi back in 2008, over a billion women worldwide were trapped in poverty. She added that: “Where women can’t thrive, national development strategies and progress towards the Millennium Development Goals are in jeopardy. There can be no aid effectiveness without a focus on gender equality.”

Two years on and according to a recent report by the European Commission the sexual and reproductive health and rights are still neglected or denied in many countries and over 585,000 women die each year from causes related to pregnancy or child-birth; with over 90% of maternal deaths occurring in developing countries. Gender inequality and gender-based violence have been fuelling the epidemics of HIV/AIDS, which globally has become the leading cause of disease and death among women of reproductive age.

Gender equality and employment of Women in developing countries or those in crisis – man-made or natural – is not only fundamental for achieving overall economic growth and reducing poverty, it is a matter of basic survival...

How fitting that on the 8th March, International Women’s Day and the 15th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, the EU launched its EU Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment in Development 2010-2015 thus further placing gender equality high on the political agenda.

We are privileged to be able to include two articles especially written for JUMP on this theme. DeMorgen Journalist Maarten Rabaey writes a first hand account of the courage of Haitian Women who were, and still are, working to rebuild their country in the aftermath of the one of the world’s worst earthquakes on record. Freelance journalist Okechukwu Romano Umelo looks at the huge contributions that African Women in Diaspora are making to help rebuild a continent in his article.

We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts, reflections or stories on this theme.

Management & leadership

25/03 Assert yourself!

What does assertive mean? Does it mean forceful, strong, firm, compelling, direct, straightforward, bold or confident? Or maybe all these together? Is an assertive person someone who knows how to say ‘no’ and set the boundaries, someone who is pushing her/his way or someone who dares to speak up? Or all these together? Why is it worth to be assertive?

06/05 Presentation Techniques for Winners

A well delivered, well remembered presentation can change your life (and that of your company). The good news is: making succesful and winning presentations can be learned. Actually it's rather easy and lots of fun. All you need is a simple model. Plus some laws, questions and lifelines ad a few checklists that will get you started, going and end well.

27/05 Word 2007

Vous souhaitez gérer avec aisance de longs documents, envoyer en quelques clicks un mail personnalisé à tous vos contacts, découvrir tous les trucs et astuces liés à Word 2007 afin de gagner du temps au quotidien? Ce cours est fait pour vous.


04/05 Hoe zich voorbereiden op sollicitatiegesprekken en selectieprocedures

Rekruteerders gaan verschillende technieken toepassen in rekrutering en selectie om motivatie, competenties en persoonlijkheid te peilen. Deze workshop heeft als doel om u deze technieken aan te leren en om de valkuilen van deze processen te kunnen beheren.

11/05 Déjouez les pièges du recruteur: préparation aux entretiens et procédures de sélection

Les recruteurs pratiquent différentes techniques de recrutement et sélection pour mesurer vos motivations, compétences et personnalité. Ce workshop a donc pour objectif de vous former à ces techniques et vous permettre de déjouer les pièges inhérents à ce processus.


Ten Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility and Grab the Attention of Executive Recruiters

Whether you’re in an executive job search or trying to build business, if you want the attention of an online audience, you have to position yourself right in front of them. Most executive recruiters and hiring managers are Googling candidates and making decisions based on what they find before they’ll even consider talking with you.

Après l’entretien, confirmez votre intérêt pour le poste

Vous êtes satisfaite: votre entretien s’est bien déroulé. Maintenant vous n’avez plus qu’à attendre qu’on vous rappelle ? Que nenni ! La balle est toujours dans votre camp…Même après un entretien réussi, il est absolument indispensable de réitérer votre intérêt pour le poste et l’entreprise visés dans les jours qui suivent.


Brussels, 18/03: Israel-Palestine – What have women achieved?

If this is not the time to celebrate, it is of essence that lessons could be drawned from the development of Israeli-Palestinian women’s peace action since the Brussels conference and that we explore strategies for the promotion of a viable Palestinian-Israeli peace in the future.

Brussel, 25/03: Seksisme in de media

Debat met Nica Broucke, Marianne van Leeuwen, Karl van den Broeck, Corine Van Hellemont. Wat is er aan de hand? Grijpt het seksisme inderdaad om zich heen in de media? Is politieke incorrectheid bon ton geworden?

Bruxelles, 25/03: Loi dépénalisant l’avortement 20 ans après…

La rencontre-débat est co-présidée par Philippe Mahoux, Sénateur, et Christie Morreale, Vice-Présidente du PS. Elle aura lieu en présence de Roger Lallemand.

Istanbul, 27-28/05 : International Women entrepreneurship & leadership summit

The summit is a marvelous opportunity for everyone who wants to follow the current developments and discussions in leadership and entrepreneurship as well as those who want to attend to activities at international level.


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Newsletter 17 March 2010

Why Women Don’t Make It Up The Ladder

Editorial by Béatrice Delvaux

Egalité, mon œil!

Femmes ? Oui, et alors ? Une génération née après les années 60 a vécu toute sa vie à l’école ou au travail dans l’ignorance la plus totale de l’impact de leur sexe sur leur devenir professionnel et leur insertion dans la société. Emily Hoyos, présidente du Parlement wallon, le disait ainsi dans l’interview au Soir ce week-end. Je confirme : j’en suis.

Editorial by Maarten Rabaey

Together with new homes Haitian women build new rights

Less than a day after the devastating earthquake that flattened the country, Haitian women were already working to feed their families and geared up to rebuild their country. They need all our support to ensure their fundamental rights for this daunting task. ‘Empowering women is crucial in shaping this country’s future’, the UNDP warns.

Editorial by Pascale Joannin

L’Europe au féminin

Malgré tous les discours, les engagements de nos dirigeants en faveur d’une vraie promotion des femmes et d’une réelle égalité entre les hommes et les femmes, les actes ne suivent pas et les choses bougent donc encore trop lentement.

Advance your carreer

What are You Worth? Root Causes of the Wage Gap

Tina Vasquez —

Novations, a highly regarded global talent development firm with over thirty years of research and development experience, recently conducted a research study that found – and there’s no surprise here – that women are still underrepresented in strategic and leadership roles.

How to achieve our goals?

JoAnne Freeman —

JoAnne Freeman is a recognized meeting facilitator and professional influence trainer. She runs highly impactful workshops on a number of areas of critical importance to professional success. SWIM upstream blends JoAnne’s extensive experience in organization and leadership development with her commitment to the empowerment of individuals in organizations.

Build your own business

Ten Success Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs

Sharon Michaels —

Success in business, as in life, takes a well thought-out strategy. Entrepreneurial success involves an ongoing personal and professional commitment to excellence. Here are ten success strategies to support growing your business as well as growing yourself.

Le Web, nouveau territoire de conquête pour les femmes

Grâce à la percée et à la croissance forte du E-Commerce, elles ont trouvé un nouvel eldorado pour exercer leurs talents d’entrepreneuses. Selon la dernière étude sur le profil du E-commerçant menée par Oxatis, elles sont 39% d’entrepreneuses parmi les E-commerçantes.

Women who make it happen

Dorothy Dalton —

Start up success stories! In Europe less than 30% of new businesses are established by women, compared to 70% by their American counterparts. Yet I have talked to and coached many women who have done exactly that and found incredible satisfaction and success.

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The Government is still paying lipservice to lipstick entrepreneurs

Active mother

Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand.

Jennifer Mendelsohn —

A few days ago, a dedicated crew of about 90 women, most in their 30s or thereabouts, attended a daylong conference that offered to school them in the latest must-have skill. The topics on that day’s agenda included search-engine optimization, building a “comment tribe” and how to create an effective media kit.

Journée des femmes, les hommes s’en mêlent

Jusqu’à présent la marche vers l’égalité a cheminé dans un sens : les femmes sont allées sur les terrains traditionnellement réservés aux hommes, la vie professionnelle notamment. Mais les hommes ont fait peu de chemin en sens inverse si l’on en croit la stabilité des statistiques sur le partage des tâches domestiques.

Motherhood and the CV Gap

D.Dalton. —

Wally Bock in Momentor says “Even with men taking paternity leave, women face a career challenge that few if any men will ever face. This one of those situations where there are no easy answers, only intelligent choices. Dorothy Dalton lays them out for you in what is the very best post I have ever seen on this topic.”

Companies and Gender

Why Women Don’t Make It Up The Ladder

O.Gadiesh & J.Coffman —

The corporate quest for equality for women in management is a lot like motherhood: Everybody is for it. Bain & Company recently conducted a survey of more than 1,800 businesspeople worldwide, and nearly 80% of them–women and men–said they were convinced of the benefits of gender parity at all levels.

No female quota for UK company boards

A government minister has said that French plans to ensure at least 40 per cent of company board members are women would not work in the UK. Angela Eagle, minister of state at the GEO, told the communities and local government committee that company law in the UK is very different from French law.

Bedrijven laten veel vrouwelijk talent onbenut

Karin De Ruyter —

Het gaat om een onderzoek dat werd uitgevoerd bij 600 bedrijven – met tussen de 1.000 en de 30.000 werknemers – in twintig landen, waaronder Spanje, Turkije, Brazilië, de VS en ook ons land. De resultaten zijn ontluisterend.

Business failing to close the corporate Gender Gap

Leading companies are failing to capitalize on the talents of women in the workforce, according to the World Economic Forum’s Corporate Gender Gap Report 2010. It is the first study to cover the world’s largest employers in 20 countries and benchmark them against the gender equality policies that most companies should have in place but are, in fact, widely missing.

Bain study on gender parity

The survey reveals a continuing disparity between the sexes on the reality and value of gender parity in the workplace. The vast majority of both men and women report that they’re convinced of the benefits of parity in the workplace, yet 84% of women believe that gender parity should be a strategic imperative for their company, compared to 48% of men.

Inspiring Women

Dix femmes qui comptent dans le green business

Certaines ont créé des entreprises, d’autres les financent, d’autres encore font évoluer la réglementation ou multiplient les initiatives pour développer les technologies propres… En cette journée internationale des femmes, le site vous propose de découvrir dix femmes qui comptent dans le green business en France.

Frédérica Deloof, créatrice de la marque Limited Ice

J’ai toujours travaillé dans la mode. J’ai alors doucement tissé ma toile dans ce monde plein de surprises. De plus, j’ai la chance d’avoir 4 adolescents à la maison de 12, 13, 18 et 19 ans qui sont mes principales sources d’inspirations. On discute souvent de nos journées, de nos envies, de ce qu’on découvre et j’aime revoir le monde à travers leurs yeux.

Feel Good!

Een op de vijf vrouwen heeft het financieel moeilijk

Een op de vijf vrouwen (22 procent) heeft het steeds moeilijker om de eindjes aan elkaar te knopen. 7 procent van de vrouwen komt zelfs helemaal niet rond. Dat blijkt uit een onderzoek van Comeva en de Koning Boudewijnstichting.

My world (photo competition): Visions of 21st Century Feminism

To submit an entry into this Competition, you must be: female - aged between 15 and 40 and resident in an EU Member State (see list here) or Candidate country (Croatia, FYROM, Turkey). The subject for the EWL Photography Competition and Exhibition 2010 is ‘My world: Visions of 21st Century Feminism’. The theme is open to individual interpretation but clear description of the photograph must be included with each entry.

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Vrouwen verkiezen loon boven gezin
Toujours sexiste, la publicité?

Women's networks

Netwerken voor vrouwen
in de lift

Uit de resultaten van onze enquête blijkt dat vrouwelijke ondernemers minder uren werken, meer opleidingen volgen en vaker lid zijn van een netwerk dan zes jaar geleden. In 2003 was 73,4 procent van de vrouwelijke ondernemers lid van een landelijke ondernemersorganisatie, in 2009 is dat cijfer gestegen tot 87,5 procent. Dat is een positieve evolutie.

Six Tips to Network Like a Pro
in de lift

Debra Shigley —

As a businesswoman or entrepreneur, it’s part of your job to ‘get out there’ and network. Ever wondered how some women make it look so easy—and seem to effortlessly work a room? Well, many times, those women aren’t the most confident or outgoing in the world; they just know a few tricks for how to schmooze. The ability to charm everyone in the room can be learned.

Show Solidarity

Harnessing the role of African women in the Diaspora

Okechukwu Romano Umelo —

The African Diaspora are increasingly recognised as significant development actors, providing remittances, Foreign Direct Investment, technology and knowledge transfers and positive political contributions to their countries of origin. Moreover, African women in the Diaspora are coming to the fore. But as Stéphanie Mbanzendore, Chairperson of Burundian Women for Peace and Development (BWPD) notes, better targeted policies are needed.

International Women’s Day: action plan puts equality and empowerment high on the development agenda

Today, on the occasion of International Women’s Day and of the 15 th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration, the European Commission services have outlined an EU Action Plan on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Development for the period 2010-2015.


Vrouwen onder druk – Schendingen van seksuele gezondheid bij kwetsbare vrouwen

Marleen Temmerman, Els Leye

Het nieuwe boek van Prof. dr. Marleen Temmerman en dr. Els Leye, ‘Vrouwen onder druk’ wordt aan de pers voorgesteld op maandag 8 maart. De auteurs gaan in op vormen van geweld tegen vrouwen die niet zo gekend of zichtbaar zijn in onze samenleving: vrouwelijke genitale verminking, eergerelateerd geweld en kindhuwelijken.

Ces patrons qui concilient travail et vie de famille

Dix grands dirigeants et autant de pères de famille. Comment concilier les deux ? Leurs confidences en disent long sur les évolutions de l’entreprise. Comment conciliez-vous vie professionnelle et vie familiale ? » Pas une femme active n’échappe à cette interrogation, mi-admirative, mi-culpabilisante.

Find Your Strongest Life

M. Buckingham —

We need to find our purpose, make changes when we feel like we’re losing our purpose, and evaluate relationships to make sure we don’t hold onto unhealthy ones. Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently helps you do just that.

Empowering Women,
Advancing the Economy

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