Age is no barrier for some

Governments in Europe have been banging, for what seems like years now, about the need to work longer. It’s a fact that the retirement age will rise and that pensions will dwindle for younger generations. Then OECD estimated that if nothing is done, there could be only one person employed for every retiree in European countries by 2050. As a result, the labour market could shrink by nearly 15% in the EU 15 over the next five decades. The average legal age of retirement is just over 64, but it dips to as low as 58 in Turkey and to as high as 67 in Norway and Iceland. Women are often in retirement longer than men. On average in OECD countries, it’s just over 22½ years for women and about 17½ for men, who tend to work longer and die younger. Some people are bucking the trend to retire at a "certain age" and continuing to work longer, among them are some truly inspirational women.

According to Dorothy Dalton, Executive Search and Career Transition, more than half the women of pensionable age in the UK are choosing to work beyond retirement. She cites the research carried out by the Kauffman Institute in the US, which indicates that the older entrepreneur will be at the forefront of the post recession upturn throughout the world. And there are plenty of 50-plussers out there who want to take up the challenge, and continue working and contributing to the economy.

And as one nonagenarian in Britain shows, when you have a job, it can even be rewarding to carry on working. Phyllis Ayres, who happens to be the great-grandmother of a colleague of mine, celebated her 90th birthday back in January while at work. Yes that’s right I’m not joking she was among colleagues at the private residential care home where she, is not a resident, but an employee! Phyllis Ayres worked as a housekeeper before becoming a stay-at-home wife following the couple’s marriage in 1941. It wasn't until 1975 aged 54 that she starting working again as a school caretaker at before retiring 15 years only to take up her current job. Although she has recently cut back her hours, she now only works four days per week, when asked if she would continue to work she replied: “Of course!”, as if the very question was absurd. She's saving up for her next cruise.

Phyllis is not alone, a 69-year-old British grandma, Ruth Flowers, is becoming a star DJ at some of the most prestigious dance clubs in France! The young party crowd loves her! So given half a chance the grey economy can do it for themselves.

However, this is small comfort for those fifty plussers highlighted in a survey by KU Leuven who can’t find work to begin with let alone continue it for longer. It is particularly bad news for the ageing populations of Brussels and Wallonie that were listed among the first three places where the unemployed over 50s find it extremely difficult to get back into work. Only Slovenia fared worse in Europe. Governments must work harder to dismantle the barriers to hiring and retaining older workers so that we can find work.

The challenge going forward is for governments to combat age discrimination, dismantle the employer barriers to hiring and retaining older workers and expand the range and opportunity for employing the older generations. But as these two women prove it is certainly possible to buck the trend and continue working past a "certain age" if given the oppportunity.

Ladies you are a true inspiration!


04/05 Hoe zich voorbereiden op sollicitatiegesprekken en selectieprocedures

Rekruteerders gaan verschillende technieken toepassen in rekrutering en selectie om motivatie, competenties en persoonlijkheid te peilen. Deze workshop heeft als doel om u deze technieken aan te leren en om de valkuilen van deze processen te kunnen beheren.

11/05 Déjouez les pièges du recruteur: préparation aux entretiens et procédures de sélection

Les recruteurs pratiquent différentes techniques de recrutement et sélection pour mesurer vos motivations, compétences et personnalité. Ce workshop a donc pour objectif de vous former à ces techniques et vous permettre de déjouer les pièges inhérents à ce processus.

Management & leadership

06/05 Presentation Techniques for Winners

A well delivered, well remembered presentation can change your life (and that of your company). The good news is: making succesful and winning presentations can be learned. Actually it's rather easy and lots of fun. All you need is a simple model. Plus some laws, questions and lifelines ad a few checklists that will get you started, going and end well.

27/05 Word 2007

Vous souhaitez gérer avec aisance de longs documents, envoyer en quelques clicks un mail personnalisé à tous vos contacts, découvrir tous les trucs et astuces liés à Word 2007 afin de gagner du temps au quotidien? Ce cours est fait pour vous.

03/06 Gestion de crise: optimisez vos relations avec la presse

Vous cherchez à mieux connaître le monde des medias, apprendre à rédiger des communiqués de presse, préparer vos rencontres avec des journalistes, établir un plan de communication, communiquer des mauvaises nouvelles. Cet après-midi apportera les bases incontournables pour établir des relations durables avec la presse.


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Brussels, 31/03: Persconferentie Loonkloofrapport 2010

Het Instituut heeft op 31 maart 2010 een persbericht verstuurd naar aanleiding van het verschijnen van het vierde rapport over de loonkloof tussen vrouwen en mannen in België.

Bruxelles, 01/04: Marche pour le droit à l’avortement en Europe

Rassemblement à 10 heures, devant l’ambassade de Pologne 29, rue des Gaulois à 1040 Bruxelles (Proximité Parc du Cinquantenaire- Métro Mérode). Nous nous mobilisons pour que le droit à l’avortement soit reconnu aux femmes résidant à Chypre, en Irlande, à Malte et en Pologne.

Paris, le 08/04: Promouvoir les femmes dans l’automobile

Journée de conférences-débats autour du thème « Promouvoir les femmes dans l’automobile » 4 conférences-débats (de 10h15 à 17h45) entrecoupées par un repas avec portrait de femmes.

Brussel, 20/04: Een voordracht over EQUAL PAY DAY

De Voorzitter Christine Dujardin en de leden van het Nationaal Bestuur van BPW België willen u graag uitnodigen op een voordracht over EQUAL PAY DAY door Mevrouw Vera Claes.

Bruxelles, 27/04: Une fille = Un garçon?

Constats et recommandations suite à sept recherches et recherches-actions menées en Communauté française.


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Newsletter 01 April 2010

Ladies - It’s never too late to start up

Editorial by Sabine Clappaert

Targeting female consumers?

These 5 trends will shape the coming year. In 2005, there were over 110 million adult female consumers in US and Western Europe alone. By 2010 this number will have risen to over 120 million in each region, totaling almost 260 million female consumers.

Editorial by Chine Lanzmann

Pourquoi est-ce plus difficile pour les femmes entrepreneuses?

Il y a des problèmes spécifiquement féminins, que seules les femmes rencontrent quand elles créent leur entreprise. Parmi les difficultés, voilà celles que je remarque en travaillant en coaching avec mes clientes. C’est plus difficile de se faire payer: beaucoup de mes clientes ont du mal à demander de l’argent, comme si elles se sentaient coupables.

Advance your carreer

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On the occasion of the JUMP Forum 2010, CERAN LINGUA INTERNATIONAL will be happy to offer an intensive residential language course at the value of € 1 250 in French, English, Dutch, German or Spanish. The winner will be taken from a draw. Come and visit our stand!

Millennial Women Overwhelmingly Positive about Career Prospects (Accenture Research Finds)

Against a backdrop of economic volatility, the vast majority of young professional women believe they will have rewarding careers balanced with fulfilling personal lives, according to research released today by Accenture. The research also generated the Accenture Millennial Women Workplace Success Index, which identified two primary qualities as key to workplace success.

New Catalyst Report: Senior Women 3 Times More Likely to Lose Job than Senior Men

Elisabeth Grant —

Everyone has been hit by the current state of the economy, but are women in senior leadership positions being hit harder? A new Catalyst report says yes, three times harder. The report, titled “Opportunity or Setback? High Potential Women and Men During Economic Crisis,” showed a striking difference for women executives when compared to men in the same positions.

Brightwell-cum-Sotwell woman celebrates 90th birthday in local residential home where she still works

Herald Reporter —

At 90, most people could be forgiven for putting their feet up, but for Phyllis Ayres, working has never been a chore. Twenty-five years after most people have retired, the pensioner has just celebrated her 90th birthday with a party at the residential home she works at.

Build your own business

Nathalie Vleeschouwer: De kleren maken de vrouw

Van IJsland tot in Japan vind je de zwangerschapsjurken die Nathalie Vleeschouwer ontwerpt onder de merknaam Fragile ondertussen al. Vleeschouwer heeft de touwtjes ook goed in handen bij haar overkoepelend bedrijf Natale, dat ze in 1990 oprichtte met 7.500 euro. Twintig jaar later ziet ze ondanks de economische crisis nog steeds veel groeimogelijkheden.

La fabrique des patronnes

Annie Kahn —

On a peine à le croire : seulement 5 % à 10 % des entreprises admises dans les pépinières d’entreprises, et donc bénéficiaires des aides et conseils prodigués dans ces lieux aux entrepreneurs en herbe, ont été fondées par des femmes. Alors que celles-ci créent, en France, une entreprise sur trois, selon l’Agence pour la création d’entreprises (APCE).

Ladies – It’s never too late to start up

D.Dalton —

I saw a statistic last week that suggested that more than half the women of pensionable age in the UK are choosing to work beyond retirement. Whether this is because they want to work, have to work or simply because men are incapacitated/rich/lazy or dead wasn’t clear.

Active mother

Debating the Motherhood Penalty

Tina Vasquez —

We’ve all heard the saying there are two sides to every story and that’s never been more true than with the seemingly new phenomena that has been deemed the “motherhood penalty,” which asserts that working mothers get passed up for raises and promotions at a higher frequency than single women without children.

Les « Mompreneurs »: maman et cyber-entrepreneur

Phénomène émergent en France mais en forte croissance, la vague Mompreneur a déferlé aux Etats-Unis il y a quelques années, avec désormais plus de 10 millions de femmes. Leader des solutions E-Commerce en Europe, Oxatis a accompagné nombre d’entre elles en France, et témoigne de la profondeur de ce phénomène sociétal.

Companies and Gender

Women, Men and the New Economics of Marriage

R.Fry & D’Vera Cohn —

The institution of marriage has undergone significant changes in recent decades as women have outpaced men in education and earnings growth. These unequal gains have been accompanied by gender role reversals in both the spousal characteristics and the economic benefits of marriage.

Why So Few Women Scientists and Engineers?

In an era when women are increasingly prominent in medicine, law and business, why are there so few women scientists and engineers? A new research report by AAUW presents compelling evidence that can help to explain this puzzle. Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics presents in-depth yet accessible profiles of eight key research findings that point to environmental and social barriers.

Carrièrevrouwen boycotten discriminerende werkgevers

Willen werkgevers wel topvrouwen engageren, maar vinden ze er geen? Dan moeten ze heel eenvoudig die vrouwen fair betalen. Dat betekent evenveel als mannen. Anders laten carrièrevrouwen de werkgever links liggen. Die conclusie staat in het onderzoek ‘Vrouwen met Management Ambitie’ van Intelligence Group (op basis van interviews met 417 vrouwen).

What If Women Ran Wall Street?

Sheelah Kolhatkar —

Early in the morning on a typical weekday, men can be seen resolutely streaming down lower Broadway, braced against a pulverizing wind. They are preparing to enter their office buildings, put on their headsets, flick on their Bloombergs, and go to war. And if they look miserable — or weary, frustrated, angry, or petrified—it’s because they have one of the most emotionally taxing jobs in the world.

Inspiring Women

Lily Deforce, directrice générale de Max Havelaar

J’ai retiré de mon expérience au sein de Vredeseilanden la certitude suivante : ce dont les cultivateurs du Sud ont besoin pour s’extraire de la spirale de la misère, c’est la possibilité d’être des acteurs sur le marché, aux niveaux tant local qu’international. Le commerce équitable leur offre de réelles opportunités à cet égard.

Femmes dans un monde d’hommes

Martin Bilodeau —

Une femme, Kathryn Bigelow, a enfin remporté l’Oscar de la mise en scène pour son puissant The Hurt Locker. Elle est la quatrième femme, en 82 ans, à avoir obtenu une nomination dans cette catégorie. La voilà qui, par sa nomination et sa victoire acquise, se retrouve intruse dans un monde d’hommes. Beau renversement de perspective. Beau cas de justice poétique. Et bon sang qu’il était temps.

Feel Good!

Might Office Gossip Be Good For You?

Bonnie Rochman —

Pssst, did you hear that gossip in the workplace can actually be beneficial? That’s the word from researchers at Indiana University who detail in a recent article how the rumor mill can provide insight into workplace politics and power.

Offre spéciale JUMP pour votre abonnement au premier magazine business au féminin, L/ONTOP !

Premier business féminin, L/ONTOP s’adresse avant tout aux femmes du monde de l’entreprise : ces femmes actives, volontaires et intuitives, occupant des postes à responsabilités, qui se fixent des objectifs dignes de leur énergie, de leur talent et de leurs ambitions.

Les femmes sont plus résilientes que les hommes?

Françoise Gri —

11 mars. Je participe à la soirée organisée par Accent sur Elles à l’occasion de la journée internationale de la femme. Plus de 150 femmes rassemblées par Armelle Carminati dans le cadre du réseau Accent sur Elles qu’elle a lancé en 2004 pour «Encourager et faire rayonner les talents féminins».

Women's networks

Women at Work: Blogging is a superb way to raise your profile in de lift

C.Barton —

The amount of information on the Web is mind-boggling. To make more sense of it, I attended a seminar to improve overall knowledge of working with social media. The knowledge is invaluable to me on my journey to promote my personal brand in a unique way.

Show Solidarity

Women in the Gaza Strip

On the occasion of International Woman’s Day this week, we decided to look at situation of women in the Gaza Strip. Out of 1.5 million people in the Gaza Strip, women comprise 49.2% of the population. The percentage of women in the labor market today is 12.2% of the total workforce, a percentage that is considered low when compared to other countries in the world.

Etre expulsée ou battue: mettre fin à la double peine des femmes étrangères

groupe PS de la Chambre —

L’actualité remet aujourd’hui sur le devant de la scène l’horreur que rencontrent certaines femmes battues qui après avoir encaissé les souffrances physiques et morales d’un mari violent sont menacées d’expulsion. Le cas de cette jeune verviétoise, en ordre de séjour sur notre territoire, est particulièrement édifiant: alors qu’elle affirme avoir été cloîtrée de force et battue, alors qu’elle s’est réfugiée auprès de l’association Karima, elle vient de recevoir un ordre de quitter le territoire!


CAREER GPS: Strategies for Women Navigating the New Corporate Landscape

Ella Bell —

« Le moment est venu pour les femmes de revendiquer leur rôle de leader au sein des entreprises », explique Ella Bell. « Nous sommes entrés dans une ère où les femmes constitueront le noyau de la main-d’œuvre. En tant que tel, elles auront aussi des opportunités élargies pour accéder aux postes de direction. Notre heure est arrivée et nous devons nous tenir prêtes ».

Opportunity or Setback? High Potential Women and Men During Economic Crisis

Catalyst’s longitudinal project, The Promise of Future Leadership: A Research Program on Highly Talented Employees in the Pipeline, develops timely reports into the retention and advancement of high potential women and men. The project surveys graduates of major business schools in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples: What the Opt-Out Phenomenon Can Teach Us about Work and Family

K.Moe & D.Shandy —

Glass Ceilings and 100-Hour Couples discusses the choices that college-educated women face in balancing family and career, with a particular focus on why a significant share of well-educated women elect to leave the labor market entirely.

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