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Why Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg must resign

Curt Rice from
February 22, 2012

If you’re thinking of investing in Facebook, keep this in mind: Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t trust his COO. And his lack of trust is going to cost you money.

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, has become one of the clearest and most articulate voices on corporate gender diversity. In a popular TED talk, Why we have too few women leaders, she offers women three steps they should take for career advancement. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, she talks about what corporations must do, too.

The context that she eloquently articulates is the lack of women at the top of organizations. There are more and more at the bottom and more in the middle. But for the last 10 years in the U.S., Sandberg notes, the numbers of women in C-level positions (CEO, etc.) has been stagnant or declining.

Yet her facts, arguments, and eloquence, haven’t reached Sandberg’s closest colleague. It seems that even a woman at the top can’t convince the man she works side-by-side with.

How many women has Mark Zuckerberg put on Facebook’s board?

There are none. This foolhardy approach to building appropriate expertise puts women in the good company of Afro-Americans, Hispanics, and pretty much every conceivable diversity-relevant group: Facebook is run by white men.

This shows both a lack of confidence in Sandberg and an apparent disinterest in the relevant research. As if that weren’t enough, Zuckerberg’s board is arguably sub-optimal for the company.



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