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Eve Ensler on Bill Cosby: Let the Mythical Daddy Die

Eve Ensler from
August 21, 2015

Are we finally willing to do what is necessary to make women safe?

Structural and cultural barriers must be removed for true gender equality

Jenny Lincoln from
June 29, 2015

Despite decades of gender equality legislation, it is still the perceived norm for women to stop working to care, and for men to provide financially. But the last century has seen a gradual shift in this power structure. Women are now more educated, independent, ambitious and confident than ever before, as demonstrated in PwC’s report on female millennials. What it means to be a ‘woman’ has changed. But has the man’s role adapted at the same pace? And what are the barriers slowing it down?

How to handle sexist culture at work

Lucy Kellaway from
June 12, 2015

The difficulty is whether to speak out or turn the other cheek

I work in a medium-sized UK business with lots of senior women employees but only old men on the board. When a male colleague congratulated a senior board member on the clarity of his argument, he exclaimed: “Well you have to keep it very […]

Les femmes en politique: une évidence, vraiment?

Marisol Touraine from
June 8, 2015
French Minister for Social Affairs, Health and Women's Rights Marisol Touraine holds a press conference in Paris on March 17, 2015. AFP PHOTO / BERTRAND GUAY        (Photo credit should read BERTRAND GUAY/AFP/Getty Images)

“C’est bien la parité en politique, mais c’est bruyant”. “Ce n’est pas intéressant ce qu’elle raconte, mais au moins elle est jolie à regarder”. “Êtes-vous ministre parce que vous êtes une belle femme issue de la diversité?”. “C’est qui cette nana?”

Ajoutons-y quelques sifflets et l’imitation mémorable d’une poule dans l’hémicycle quand une ministre en robe ou une députée prend la parole. Voici la potion magique que boivent, chaque jour, les femmes qui ont eu l’envie d’exercer des responsabilités politiques et qui y sont parvenues.

That Harvard MBA Won’t Be Enough to Close the Gender Gap

June 8, 2015

The danger of conventional wisdom is it doesn’t have to be true to influence reality. New research reveals that the gender gaps in career growth between Harvard MBA graduates are not a result of women prioritizing family over career more so than their male peers. Rather, the unspoken assumption they do seems at play in […]

Where gender balance meets quality of life

Sophie Bellon from
May 6, 2015

Improving employees’ Quality of Life starts with meaningful dialogue. it’s the only way of understanding people’s needs, diffi culties and expectations. Gender balance encourages diff erent points of view and creates a space within an organization where this conversation can take place.

Het smurfendorp is niet meer

Jef Van In from L’Echo van 9 april 2015
April 10, 2015

Tot een poos geleden had de bankenwereld veel weg van een smurfendorp. Een pak mannelijke haantjes met mooie bijrol voor een toevallige smurfin van dienst. Die tijd is gelukkig voorbij. En hoe. Wat ben ik blij te mogen aankondigen dat sinds 1 april met de aanstelling van Céline Dupont het directiecomité van AXA Bank voortaan uit 3 vrouwen en 3 mannen zal bestaan. En het zijn niet de softe portefeuilles die ze beheren, maar enkele harde corefuncties van het bankmetier: operations & product management, risk en distributie & marketing. Bij AXA Bank bestaat het smurfendorp alvast niet meer. Driewerf hoera.

Recovery for whom? The Junker’s Plan must not be a missed opportunity for gender equality in Europe

Giovanni Cozzi (FEPS) and Jerome De Henau (The Open University)
March 23, 2015

Exclusive focus of the Junker’s Plan on physical infrastructure spending and investment in male-dominated industries will further undermine progress towards gender equality, in terms of pay and conditions as well as employment opportunities for women.

La diversité n’est pas une action sociale, un truc superflu, un gadget

Claire Godding, Diversity Manager BNP Paribas Fortis
March 17, 2015

Toutes les formes de diversité peuvent contribuer à booster votre business, qu’il s’agisse d’une PME ou d’une grande entreprise. Après tout, que vous soyez actifs dans le « B to B » ou dans le « B to C », vos clients sont hommes et femmes, sans doute d’âges différents, de toutes origines, hétérosexuels comme […]

How Men Can Succeed in the Boardroom and the Bedroom –

March 11, 2015

Women at Work: Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg on Discrimination at WorkDEC. 6, 2014

Research backs him up. Studies reveal that women bring new knowledge, skills and networks to the table, take fewer unnecessary risks, and are more inclined to contribute in ways that make their teams and organizations better. Successful venture-backed start-ups have more than double the median proportion of female executives of failed ones. And an analysis of the 1,500 Standard & Poor’s companies over 15 years demonstrated that, when firms pursued innovation, the more women they had in top management, the more market value they generated.