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Promoting gender parity in the global workplace

Laura D’Andrea Tyson from
January 23, 2015

Increasing the participation of women will lay a foundation for economic prosperity, according to Laura Tyson, University of California, Berkeley, professor and former chair of the US president’s Council of Economic Advisors.

Corporate Germany Needs Change: Why I Joined PWN

Anne Frisch from
January 23, 2015

A French national with a long experience as CFO of internationally listed companies, I was quite disturbed when I moved to Germany and discovered a situation for women in Corporate Germany that I consider worse than it was in France when I started my professional life more than 25 years ago. Friends had warned in advance that the business environment was not as women-friendly as in France. They also explained the mindset behind the Rabenmutter stereotype, one that does not exist anywhere else in the world aside from Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. So I was prepared to face some issues, but frankly I did not expect that it would be such a challenge.

Geef bumpervaders meer flexibiliteit

Maarten Rabaey, in 'De Morgen'
January 20, 2015

Noem ons de bumpervaders. We kleven aan elkaar in de avondspits om onze kinderen tijdig uit de kinderopvang te halen. We botsen met vooroordelen van een rigide samenleving waarin het genderevenwicht in de opvoeding ver zoek is.
Krijg ik dit artikel gepend voor ik straks ons zoontje (14 maanden) ga ophalen in de kinderopvang? Mijn deadline […]

Voor meisjes ligt het soms anders…

January 20, 2015

Ik wist al dit ik carrière wou maken sinds ik een klein meisje was. In tegenstelling tot vele van mijn vriendinnen wou ik geen leerkracht, kapster of model worden. Neen, ik wou CEO worden of mijn eigen bedrijf gaan leiden en als het kon liefst nog op internationaal niveau ook. Ik wou op zo’n positie terecht […]

17 Small (And Totally Doable) Tweaks That Will Change Your Year

Laura Vanderkam from
January 12, 2015

Your goals may be big, but small changes help you get there.
When we think about New Year’s resolutions, we often think about huge life changes: losing 50 lbs, being happier.
There’s nothing wrong with these goals, except that they’re so big they’re intimidating. A better approach? Look at tiny tweaks that take a few minutes, but […]

New Year’s Resolution? Get a Little Help From Your Friends

Sheryl Sandberg from
January 5, 2015

We’ve all had New Year’s resolutions that we’ve broken. One year, I resolved to learn how to touch-type instead of hunting and pecking for each key.

Women top managers are a rare sight in Norway

December 5, 2014

There is a law in Norway requiring publicly traded companies to have both men and women on their Boards of Directors. At least 40% of the seats on the board must occupied by men, and at least 40% must be occupied by women. A recent collection of essays tells more, Made in Norway: How Norwegians have used quotas to increase the number of women on company boards.

International Men’s Day Has Its Uses

Cliff Leek from
December 4, 2014

What if we celebrated it differently?

Most people probably don’t know it, but November 19th is International Men’s Day. According to the website for International Men’s Day, coordinated by the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation, the “objectives of International Men’s Day include a focus on men’s and boy’s health, improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.

A Winning Formula For Gender Equality

Mark Shopiro from
December 4, 2014

It’s better business, and I am 100% certain about that.

I’m a big 80-20 guy. If I’m 80% sure, I’ll make the decision and live with the consequences of the unknown 20%. Now while the 80-20 rule might be good words to live by when making decisions for myself, I’ve learned it isn’t a winning formula when it comes to the makeup of the workplace, especially at senior levels.

Feminism, Because We All Benefit

Noah Prince from
December 4, 2014

Our sons and daughters are counting on us.

When I was in my undergraduate years I took an intense course that still impacts me daily, 15 years later. It was called “Black Feminist Thought.” As a white male who thinks, I found the class to be challenging, engaging and ultimately liberating. One of the main takeaways for me was that if we want an equitable society that is a true meritocracy and democracy, then we have to examine the intersection of race, class and gender and listen to the voices of our fellow countrywomen that live complex identities in this space.