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Feminism, Because We All Benefit

Noah Prince from
December 4, 2014

Our sons and daughters are counting on us.

When I was in my undergraduate years I took an intense course that still impacts me daily, 15 years later. It was called “Black Feminist Thought.” As a white male who thinks, I found the class to be challenging, engaging and ultimately liberating. One of the main takeaways for me was that if we want an equitable society that is a true meritocracy and democracy, then we have to examine the intersection of race, class and gender and listen to the voices of our fellow countrywomen that live complex identities in this space.

„Frauennetzwerke“: Das große Missverständnis bei Gender Diversity

Michael Stuber from
December 4, 2014

Es ist bereits ein Reflex geworden: Zur Arbeit am Thema „Gender“ gehört zwingend ein Frauennetzwerk. Einer der gut gemeinten Ansätze, auf den vor allem Top-Manager häufig stolz sind. Sie glauben, Frauen Raum, Struktur und Sichtbarkeit zu geben. Wie so oft ist auch hier gut gemeint das Gegenteil von gut gemacht. Denn die Zielsetzungen vieler Frauennetzwerke sind häufig entweder unklar oder unrealistisch. Unklarheit entsteht meist aus einer Überfrachtung der Ziele oder Erwartungen. Ein Frauennetzwerk erhält mitunter eine kaum zu bewältigende Agenda mit strategischen, operativen, konzeptionellen, politischen, repräsentativen, kommunikativen und weiteren Aufgaben. Nicht nur fehlen dafür meist die Ressourcen. Schwerer aber wiegt der Profilverlust, der mit den mannigfaltigen Aktivitäten einhergeht. Dies wirkt sich negativ auf die Mitgliederwerbung und auf die Außenwirkung aus.

Support Women By Taking Paternity Leave

Michael Kimmel from
November 27, 2014

What’s one thing that men can do to support women in the workplace as their colleagues?

How about this: take paternity leave.

Huh? How does my taking paternity leave help women in the workplace?

Good question.

Superman Style Leaders are Alienating Women: Why Can’t We Solve This?

Dr Samantha Collins from
November 13, 2014

The “superman” style of leadership – predominantly masculine, authoritative, assertive and with a tendency to command and control – still rules supreme in many large organisations. However, a new generation of women leaders are emerging and I’m convinced they have the potential to challenge the business status quo and change corporate culture for good.

Is Italy going forward or backwards on gender equality?

Serena Romano, International Consultant, Gender Issues
November 13, 2014

Italy is always surprising; hardly anything is ever simple or consistent. It has the lowest women’s employment rate in Europe (except for Greece and Malta) at 47% but enjoys one of the most advanced laws in the world on gender representation of boards of publicly listed companies. Similarly, whilst the government boasts 50% of women ministers, no gender parity minister is to be found in the Bel Paese (Beautiful Country).

Superman Style Leaders are Alienating Women: Why Can’t We Solve This?

Dr Samantha Collins from
November 12, 2014

The “superman” style of leadership – predominantly masculine, authoritative, assertive and with a tendency to command and control – still rules supreme in many large organisations.

Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With Powerful UN Speech

Lauren Duca from
October 9, 2014
Capture d’écran 2014-10-09 à 12.27.54

Emma Watson formally invited men to join the fight for gender equality in a moving speech on Sept. 21, launching the HeForShe campaign. In her role as the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she spoke about how impossible it is to achieve equality of the sexes if only one sex participates in the fight:

I was appointed […]

A men-only UN conference on gender equality? If only it was a joke

Erica Buist from
October 9, 2014

Has feminism advanced so far that women’s voices no longer need to be heard? The decision not to invite any female speakers to a forthcoming meeting in Iceland smacked of missing the point. How do you feel about the fact that Iceland planned to hold a conference on gender equality, feminism and sexual violence – without a single female invitee? “It will be the first time at the United Nations that we bring together only men leaders to discuss gender equality,” Iceland’s foreign minister, Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson, announced to the UN last week.

Our Uncommon Future: Women, Children and Climate Change

Tara Morazzini from
September 25, 2014

Our Common Future’s vivid description of the interlinked nature of environmental and human health rings truer than ever. However, while we all live on the same planet, and will all be impacted by climate change, some of us will suffer more than others. Geography, socioeconomic status and gender, among others, will determine who among us will face the impacts of climate change most immediately and profoundly. It is estimated that 99% climate change related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries and of these 80% occur among children.

Werkgeversvoorzitter Hans de Boer is geen kwaaie pier.

Vreneli Stadelmaier from
September 15, 2014

In de discussie rondom wel of geen quota voor vrouwen komt er een opmerkelijk openhartig geluid vanuit de werkgevers bij monde van Hans de Boer, voorzitter van VNO-NCW*. Hij verwoordt wat velen denken maar niet zeggen. Hij zegt namelijk dat ten eerste het maar zeer de vraag is of diversiteit voordelen heeft, en ten tweede zegt hij dat het aan de de fysieke verschillen tussen mannen en vrouwen ligt dat vrouwen niet doorstromen. Kijk, en daar wringt de schoen, want als je niet overtuigd bent van het belang van diversiteit, waarom zou je dan veranderen, vraagt hij zich af.