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Do Men Want Equality in the Workplace?

November 19, 2015

Highlights of a European research conducted by JUMP and Axiom Consulting Partners*.
Three quarters (78%) of men believe they will benefit from more gender equality in the workplace. However, 1 man over 5 is actively involved in making this a reality. One third of those surveyed are against gender equality (some more actively than others) whilst […]

Equality data collection in employment

November 18, 2015

How can employers put in place diversity management policies if they do not have any data on the diverse profiles of their workforce or on the discrimination they might experience?
Companies committed to diversity must be able to name the problems, take targeted action and measure the results of their actions.
Equality data can provide powerful tools […]

Why Leadership Identity is “Done” In Everyday Discussions

Content Team from
November 18, 2015

Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant have written in the New York Times about the challenges of “speaking while female”, which holds women and companies back – such as being manterrupted, having male co-workers take the words from your mouth and run with them, being penalized in competency ratings for talking as much as male executive […]

Gender inclusivity: Four things male middle managers should do

Jenny Roper from
November 18, 2015
female leader

Research suggests steps to help male middle managers become more inclusive
Truly gender inclusive male middle managers are a rarity, according to new research by professor of leadership and director of the International Centre for Women Leaders at Cranfield School of Management, Elisabeth Kelan.
Her new report, Men, Middle Managers and Gender Inclusive Leadership, details four practices […]

How To Make Sure Your Career Invests Back In You

Content Team from
November 18, 2015

Of all the advice women receive on how to invest in their careers, there is a fundamental principle for smart career management: make sure that your career invests back in you.
There is significant data to suggest that women generally receive a lower return on their career investment than men do. Research has shown, for example, […]

Gloria Steinem: ‘If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament’

Emma Brockes from
November 18, 2015

She’s been at the forefront of the feminist movement since the 60s. What’s changed? Gloria Steinem talks about Sheryl Sandberg, Hillary Clinton – and the new threats to women’s rights
She is a figurehead without a break-out book to her name, less scary to the mainstream than many of her peers, and for that reason one […]

The pitfalls of being too nice at work

Laura Haycock from
November 18, 2015

Over politeness in the workplace could be harming your business
Being an effective business leader can involve walking a tightrope between being too polite and too pushy. Nobody wants to be nasty – we’re all aware how bad this can be for business and morale – but being too polite can be just as bad.
Research from […]

40 ans Commission du Travail des Femmes – Uitnodiging 40 jaar Commissie Vrouwenarbeid

November 17, 2015

[ 11 December 2015; 10 h 00 min; ] Le Conseil de l’Égalité des chances entre Hommes et Femmes vous invite pour le 40ème anniversaire de la création du Commission de Travail des Femmes qui se déroulera le 11 décembre prochain au SPF Emploi, Auditorium Storck. Rue Ernest Blerot 1, à 1070 Bruxelles

You’re invited to Free Digital Starter Event – Move It Forward for girls & women

November 16, 2015

[ 28 November 2015 8 h 00 min to 29 November 2015 21 h 00 min. ] FREE DIGITAL STARTER EVENT – LIMITED PLACES
join now!

inQube’s Move It Forward project aims to bring women from the Brussels Capital Region together to learn about and develop initiatives to counter Cyberviolence against Girls & Women in their communities.

In the series of three workshops, a highlevel roundtable and digital starter event, participants get to […]

Invitation “rencontre entre femmes de métier”

November 16, 2015

[ 27 November 2015; 17 h 30 min; ] 8 boulevard du Nord
5000 Namur

12/06/14 à partir de 17h30

Vous quittez le chantier ? Prenez le temps d’une soirée !

Vous êtes couvreuse, maçonne, plafonneuse, carreleuse, conductrice

d’engin, grutière, voiriste, coffreuse-ferrailleuse, peintre, tailleuse de

pierre, sani-chauffagiste, vitrière, façadière,…

Comme de nombreuses autres femmes, vous travaillez sur chantier.

Venez nous rejoindre et partageons nos réalités de terrain ainsi que nos expériences en […]