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Yves Deloison from
July 5, 2016

Des hommes incapables de maîtriser leurs pulsions et qui agressent sexuellement. D’autres qui donnent des coups. Certes, la vox populi s’accorde à dénoncer ces comportements mais leur trouve toujours des excuses. Il faut les comprendre, s’ils agissent ainsi, s’ils violent ou s’ils tabassent, c’est par essence. Beaucoup croient de bonne foi que les hommes sont “naturellement” libidineux, […]

Wake Up, White Guys! Bill Proudman Tackles D & I

July 5, 2016

“There are people who would say, ‘Just take them (white male executives) out back and give them frontal lobotomies.’ But it’s not that simple.”
Bill Proudman pretty much personifies “white male privilege.” He is not only white – he is big, straight, a native-born American, and he holds an executive position. But that is where the […]

Best Male Bosses: What Makes A Guy Great To Work For?

Raina Lipsitz from
July 5, 2016

Cultivating trust between managers and those they supervise is essential to creating productive working relationships and improving an organization’s overall performance.
Yet women often see their relationships with their male bosses differently than their bosses do, and, according to Catalyst’s study, Building Trust Between Managers and Diverse Women Direct Reports, diverse women often experience even greater challenges than […]

Harassment In Tech: Why Men Need To Speak Out Now

Michael Kaufman from
July 5, 2016

It’s a tough time for women in the tech industry. A recent survey of women working in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area found that 60% reported unwanted sexual advances. Eighty-seven percent reported hearing demeaning comments about women. Eighty-eight percent had clients or colleagues address questions to male peers that should have been addressed to them. Eighty-four […]

Why Men Should Support Gender Equality

Michael Kimmel from onthemarc
July 5, 2016

In my last column, I looked at some of the obstacles to men’s embracing gender equality in their public and private lives. These obstacles, both in our attitudes and in our institutions, are significant.
This month, though, I promised I’d discuss the motivational side, the question of why men shouldsupport gender equality. It’s here, I think, that […]


Jim Morris from
July 5, 2016

Diverse Teams Help Us Better Understand The World
I was on the way to a sales call with a colleague, a woman of color. I respected her work and approach very much. I knew our chances of having the meeting go well were increased with her presence and knowledge. But I was not prepared which was unlike […]

Why to change the world, of course!

Michael Welp from
July 5, 2016

Yes, I know. Sort of like boiling the ocean.
Along with my partner, Bill Proudman, and all of WMFDP’s
staff and consultants, we are on a mission. And while we have facilitated sessions for thousands of executives over the past twenty years, our reach is still
minimal compared to the millions of leaders around the globe. So to have a sustainable impact […]

Eve and evidence: what research tells us about gender equality

Curt Rice from
July 5, 2016

On International Women’s Day we celebrate our solidarity with women around the world — women who are engaged in many different struggles. And we show our determination to continue working to meet the challenges we face at home.
Gender equality has not yet been achieved in the workplaces of the western world. Research institutions have a special responsibility to contribute […]

Hommes et féministes: une mode contre-productive?

Patric Jean from
July 5, 2016

Une mode est récemment apparue dans la presse française et internationale à propos des hommes qui se disent “féministes” et dont on présente l’engagement comme “essentiel” pour les droits des femmes. Il est temps de se demander si cette nouvelle habitude qui se veut bienveillante n’est pas finalement contre-productive.
Pas une semaine sans qu’un article, une […]

Employeurs contre la violence conjugale

July 5, 2016

Le 16 juin, Pour la Solidarité a organisé une conférence européenne sur le rôle des entreprises dans la lutte contre les violences basées sur le genre. Cet événement a réuni un public d’acteurs et d’actrices de tous bords, surtout des associations, mais aussi des autorités publiques. Garance était également impliquée par la modération d’une table ronde sur le dialogue […]